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September 16- Gryffindor Pride Day

September 17- Ravenclaw Pride Day

September 18- Hufflepuff Pride Day

September 19- Slytherin Pride Day
September 19- Hermione Granger's birthday

September 20- Harry receives his Nimbus 2000 (PS/SS)

September 22- Tom Felton's birthday

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Sure, Ginny’s good with a wand. She performed stunningly during DA meetings and ended up in the ultra elite Slug Club after impressing Slughorn with her hex work. But Ginny Weasley’s power goes beyond her magical abilities, she doesn’t need a wand to be strong. She’s the girl who survived Voldemort’s mental abuse, didn’t feel the need to change herself or wait around for a boy, and stood up for her friends when they couldn’t stand up for themselves. She’s the girl who wasn’t at all flustered by Harry’s angry outbursts, who wouldn’t accept help in the Ministry of Magic over her “stupid ankle” that was broken because she could take care of herself, who was brave enough to duel Death Eaters in her 5th year, and refused to be locked away at home in the Burrow while the rest of her family was fighting during the Final Battle. 

If I had to choose between meeting Ginny Weasley and a Death Eater down a dark alley, I’d pick the Death Eater.

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