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September 16- Gryffindor Pride Day

September 17- Ravenclaw Pride Day

September 18- Hufflepuff Pride Day

September 19- Slytherin Pride Day
September 19- Hermione Granger's birthday

September 20- Harry receives his Nimbus 2000 (PS/SS)

September 22- Tom Felton's birthday

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all was well  | [listen here] [download here] - a mix of songs that remind me of various different scenes/characters in the harry potter series -

i. bad blood - bastille | ii. not alone - darren criss | iii. king and lionheart - of monsters and men | iv. shake it out - florence + the machine | v. courtyard apocalypse - alexandre desplat | vi. end of an era - oliver boyd and the remembralls | vii. skinny love - bon iver | viii. your ghost - greg laswell | ix. it’s time - imagine dragons | x. the reckless and the brave - all time low | xi. werewolf heart - dead man’s bones

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