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September 16- Gryffindor Pride Day

September 17- Ravenclaw Pride Day

September 18- Hufflepuff Pride Day

September 19- Slytherin Pride Day
September 19- Hermione Granger's birthday

September 20- Harry receives his Nimbus 2000 (PS/SS)

September 22- Tom Felton's birthday

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Happy 27th birthday to our favourite honorary marauders, James and Oliver Phelps. May your mischief never be managed!

1 year ago, 25/02/13 | 380 notes
#james phelps #oliver phelps #james and oliver #sphedit #i feel like such a cotton-headed ninny muggins for forgetting their birthday til just now #D: #fudgeflies #ghosthostess
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    And because I’m always behind on everything, I’ll use this post to wish a happy birthday to George Weasley and the ghost...
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    James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, bbys,
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    having the same birthday as them is just the best fucking thing in the world
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